Do I Know What I Want

March 28, 2009

I am new to the LA area and I am looking to find that Ms. Right… or Ms. Riht Now and share my tales on this forrum.  I am a fairly attractive, self employed, humourous 20 something who lives by himself.  I plan on keeping names undercover, to keep myself undercover, but I am looking to meet beautiful women with interesting occupations and/or goals.  Race is not important … right now… I don’t know why, but I see it becoming an issue.  But I will focus on new places I go and people I meet and ALL interesting discussion topics.

I have some friends.  Sometimes wingmen can be a guy’s best asset.  Others times, however, they can be like an empty water jug in the desert; Useless.  I will share my experiences with both.

I am on my way to a party real soon with a lot of people.  There should be some ladies there!  I’ll be looking, searching, seeking, and hopefully finding!

~Search Seek Find


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