Gina and Pam

March 29, 2009

woman warrior

I went to a great art showing with a friend of mine last night.  The artwork was a beautiful all-women’s theme, and luckily, women were there to support the artists.  about 3:1 they came out versus the guys (it’s all about the ratio)!  We met a couple of chicks, I’ll call them “Gina and Pam”(yes like sitcom “Martin”)  these two roommates were totally down to get wild.  I let my friend do most of the talking, while I chimed  in during awkward silences and other cue points.  before I knew it these girls were ready to attack us and said something about switching.

We left the gellery to go to another bar for some more drinks.  There we got a little more acquainted, raising more than a few eyebrows.  It’s always when you’re with some randy ladies that other women will show you attention.  I was getting crazy vibes from two other females whileI played with Gina.  Of Pam and Gina, Pam, was in charge.  when Pam instructed Gina to take off her top, exposing her nipples, Gina obliged.  when Pam demanded a kiss, Gina satisfied the request.  The ladies got the idea to get some food and meet them later to do the deed.  We agreed and saw them away and I went back into the bar to look for the other two who noticed me earlier.

We went to another Bar-concentrated area of town and got word via-text from Pam that Gina had reached her alcoholic limit and was going to call it a night, but she was down to hang out.  I thought to myself, “I’ll miss this train.”

But they told us about a free Belevedere party tomorrow night, so maybe we’ll pick up where we left off!

but I’ll still be Looking searching seeking, and hopefully Finding!

~Search Seek Find


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